Acidophilus milk

Acidophilus milk is gradually making its way into the kitchen shelves of homes. Some individuals consider it as a healthy alternative than milk and several dairy products. Finding it will involve little work. In several states of America, it is easily available while in other states, it is almost impossible to buy. Majority of the companies which produce this milk are found in the mid west and also in southern areas of the United States. Thus, it is extremely easy to purchase acidophilus milk in these parts of the US. It is also obtainable in some areas of California. Some can even be found in well-known supermarket chains. According to a market research, acidophilus milk can be found in any areas of Oregon. Furthermore, a few department stores keep or order them upon the request of their customers. This kind of milk can also be found in different areas of Tennessee. Some individuals have also reported that acidophilus milk can be difficult to find in California’s Orange County. Given below are several of the well-known brands of acidophilus milk.

  • Purity Sweet Acidophilus Milk: This is the most popular in America. The purity dairies are based in Tennessee’s Davidson County.
  • Knudsen Sweet Acidophilus Milk: This is produced by Heartland Farms of California.
  • Lucerne Acidophilus plus Bifidus: This is made by Safeway Inc. You can find this in all Safeway supermarkets.
  • Mayfield Acidophilus Milk: This is produced by Mayfield dairies located in Tennessee.

Nutrition Facts about Acidophilus Milk

This kind of milk has been a subject of health research for quite some time now. The bacterial content of acidophilus milk has been widely studied for different health effects. The intestine of humans has several beneficial bacteria which are vital to the health. The bacteria found in acidophilus milk contain some properties identical to the natural beneficial bacteria found in the bodies of humans. According to some medical reports, this milk introduces more healthy bacteria in the body in order to have a better and healthy immune system. Also, it minimizes the irritation caused by different gastric diseases. Acidophilus milk aids in regulating the levels of serum cholesterol and in improving digestion of lactose in individuals who have lactose maldigestors. Doctors also confirm that this milk is itself a natural form of antibiotic. This means that it is incapable of killing healthy cells in the body as most of the medicated antibiotics do. Furthermore, some medical reports state that if acidophilus milk is combined with a medication for chemotherapy, this can be used to ward off diseases like migraine, typhoid, osteomyelitis, pneumonia, parathyroid and urological infections. A few dietitians also believe that children and grownups who suffer from too much loss of weight can use acidophilus milk in order to increase their weight in a natural way.

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