Best fiber supplement

One of the biggest uses of fiber is in treating constipation. This is among the most bothersome disorders experienced by majority of people. Usually, this happens due to the lack of dietary fiber in the diet. Thus, if you suffer from constipation, you have to include fibers in your diet on a regular basis. On the other hand, other conditions that occur due to improper bowel movement can also be treated with fiber. There are numerous good sources of fiber. These include fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains. All of these can be used as a substitute for fiber supplement. But every now and then, it was discovered that food sources may not be adequate in fulfilling the fiber requirement. In that case, the doctor will prescribe a few of the best natural supplements in treating severe or chronic constipation. More often than not, these supplements are prescribed during pregnancy since constipation is a frequent disorder experienced during that period.

When it comes to the dosage of supplements, you should take note that at first, you will experience abdominal distention, pain in the stomach, gas, flatulence and a lot more when you consume these fiber supplements. Thus, it may be best to take a smaller or lesser dose than prescribed until you will get used to the supplement. Secondly, fiber supplements must only be used in prescribed amounts. The side effects of too much fiber are weight gain, stomach disorders and diarrhea. Women who are pregnant must not opt for any supplements which are available over-the-counter. They must be especially cautious when consuming fiber supplements. A doctor should be sought even if mild side effects will occur.

Though, there are numerous supplements available, it is always a smart decision to opt for natural sources of fiber since these have no side effects. If not, you can find the best brand of fiber supplement all the time in order to prevent constipation. Finally, it is best to talk with your doctor before the consumption of any supplements.

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