Biotin side effects

Biotin is part of the B-vitamins. B-complex is made up of eight vitamins. Biotin happens to be one of them and is made naturally within the small intestine. This can also be ingested through the consumption of meats and legumes. Biotin is provided as the supplement in some cases. A deficiency may emerge during pregnancy and will oftentimes be prescribed in order to avoid the deficiency.

There have also been long term studies about Biotin for its effect on the nails and hair. Even if we need biotin for the growth of our hair we sometimes have deficiency of it due to our highly processed foods we have in America, Canada and some parts of Western Europe.

Biotin is a fussy vitamin as it gets into our system. Take for instance, the raw egg yolk. This actually has plenty of biotin but this has to be eaten raw without the egg white. If you happen to consume the raw egg yolk along with the egg white, this will result to the loss of its absorptive ability.

So far, there are no known side effects of biotin. It can be possible that a person will experience side effects if he has too little production of biotin in his body. But there are also some reports about Biotin side effects when there is excessive use of oral vitamin.

Moreover, extended use can have adverse effect on the body. It may result to the presence of skin rash or infection. It will also decrease the insulin levels in the body and may result to the increase of blood sugar levels. The two reversible effects may have several harmful results.

At times, cases of Biotin side effects are rare. In one particular instance, a huge dose of Biotin was being consumed together with B5. In that case, the intake caused a life-threatening illness. Yet once the intake of the vitamins was put to a halt, the disease also stopped. It is not known though if what had happened was the result of the combination of the two taken simultaneously or it was because of the huge amounts of the B-vitamins that resulted to the near fatality.

Aside from these rare instances, there are no longer any known biotin side effects. The reasons for the remote Biotin side effects can either be due to the prolonged doses or excessive use of Biotin.

In general, Biotin is used for treating or preventing some conditions apart from the deficiency that occurs during pregnancy. Biotin is supplemental doses are prescribed in cases of malnutrition. It can also be prescribed in situations wherein malnutrition has occurred like during the long term use of tube feeding. There are also times when a person experiences rapid loss of weight for no apparent reason by which the doctor can prescribe Biotin as a form of supplement.

In addition, Biotin can be used orally in treating hair loss or brittle nails. This can also be given to infants if skin rashes will arise. Also, there are instances where it is prescribed to patients who are suffering from diabetes and mild depression. When taken in a controlled manner along with the direction of a physician, there are no Biotin side effects being recognized. The best way for the prevention of Biotin side effects will be to eat a well-proportioned diet that has an extensive variety of healthy foods. Before you plan to take supplemental Biotin, it will be good to check with your nutritionist, pharmacist or doctor always.

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