Chromium polynicotinate

Chromium polynicotinate is a kind of trivalent chromium compound which is extensively used in chromium supplementation. Chromium can be found in several forms. Trivalent chromium compounds such as chromium polynicotinate and chromium picolinate are known to be stable compounds which act as the sources of the chromium mineral. When chromium polynicotinate is compared to chromium picolinate, this compound is noted to be more effective and safe in terms of providing the necessary amount of chromium. Chromium attaches to niacin in forming this compound and as a result, it is more absorbed by the intestine at once. This is exactly the reason why it is extensively used as a nutritional supplement for numerous health conditions including obesity and diabetes.

The Benefits of Chromium Polynicotinate

It is found to perform some essential biological activities in the human bodies. It provides chromium which is among the vital trace minerals that has an important role in both synthesis and metabolism of cholesterol, metabolism of fat and sugar and for the regulation of blood glucose level. Another significant function of chromium in the body is to aid in insulin synthesis and to enhance its capacity to maintain the right level of blood sugar. Basically, its supplement can be used to make the blood sugar level of diabetic patients become stable. This chromium compound is known to be effective in the improvement of glucose tolerance and can also lower resistance to insulin.

Besides the regulation of blood glucose level, it enhances protein synthesis, regulates the blood cholesterol level as well as help in the increase of lean muscles. Some studies which have been conducted regarding this have indicated that its supplement is useful in increasing the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates. Thus, weight loss is promoted without losing the muscle mass. Certainly, obese individuals can greatly take advantage of the supplements made from this chromium compound.

The Side Effects of Chromium Polynicotinate

If consumed in appropriate dosage, its supplement does not produce any form of serious side effect. Usually, a dose of 50 to 200 mcg on a daily basis is considered the ideal dose for grownups. However, individuals using the supplementation to lose weight may require higher doses of up to 400 mcg every day. But if chromium supplement is taken excessively, this can result to some side effects. If high level of chromium is present in the body for a prolonged period of time, damage to the kidneys will eventually take place and lead to kidney failure.

Aside from kidney failure, anyone can have dysfunction of the liver, headaches, abnormalities of the blood, nausea and dizziness, anemia and gastrointestinal problems. All of these are potential dangers to the body. Moreover, chromium can interact with some medications particularly non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs which will increase chromium’s absorption and retention in the body. Those who are using insulin must not use chromium supplements without discussing it with their doctors first. If it is used together with insulin, blood sugar level could drop to an extremely low level resulting to hypoglycemia.

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