Collagen supplements

Collagen is a type of fibrous protein which provides support to the softer tissues of the body. Because of its remarkable tensile strength, it creates the support system for some bodily tissues like skin, tendons, bones, muscles and cartilage. It aids in shaping the tissues and provides firmness to them. In addition, it retains the cell’s external structure. It provides form or shape to the tissues of the body to make them flexible and strong.

The body is capable of producing this protein in sufficient amounts naturally. However, as a person increases in age, the production of collagen starts to decline. The visible effects due to the decrease in its production include joint pain, sagging skin, brittle nails and development of wrinkles. Nowadays, a lot of people are using collagen pills in order to make up for the reduced production of this fibrous protein.

Kinds of Collagen Pills

Most people would like to retain their youthful appearance. However, as age increases, wrinkles and fine lines begin to appear. Those who are conscious with their appearances are typically the ones who feel the need to get rid of the wrinkles. It is not a surprise if the market is flooded with collagen supplements for the skin. These beauty products can be obtained in the form of creams, injections or pills.

The effects of these supplements to the body will be according to the type of collagen which these supplements have. People who suffer from bone problems or arthritis are usually required to use these supplements which contain collagen II and glucosamine. The primary component of hyaline cartilage is collagen II. This cartilage is responsible for the lining of the bone ends and will create the joint surface. Thus, this supplement is considered to aid in the relief of joint pain. People who would like to use these pills for the purpose of rejuvenating their skin and reversing the aging process must make sure that their supplements have collagen I and III.

Advantages as well as Side Effects

Research has shown that people who suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can benefit by using these supplements. These supplements can aid in enhancing mobility and can provide pain relief. They can also increase joint mobility as well as helps reduce inflammation. As age increases, production of collagen decreases. As a result, connective tissues and joints become weak. This is the reason why people are prone to injuries. It is assumed that collagen supplementation can strengthen the connective tissues and accelerate the process of healing. Moreover, it is also believed that these supplements are useful to strengthen the blood vessels and improve blood circulation. Collagen type II is also assumed to have a positive role in the reduction of heart diseases. Even if the manufacturers of collagen pills for skin have soaring claims regarding their products, some studies have shown that these pills may not be extremely effective. A few studies found out that collagen molecules will not be absorbed by the skin because of the complex structure of the molecules.

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