D-Aspartic acid

D Aspartic acid is a type of amino acid which is basically formed in the testes, hypothalamus and pituitary gland. It has a significant role in the production of compounds related to libido, growth of tissues and also LH production.

D Aspartic acid triggers the production of signal molecules and in turn can improve the activities of the pituitary gland and testes. From an athletic point of view, it allows the body to produce compounds which is helpful in increasing lean growth, energy, power and strength.

As a powerful amino acid, it is believed to increase the release and production of natural testosterone by forty percent among males. This works by enhancing the release of gonadotropin from the hypothalamus and to increase the levels of luitenizing hormone in the pituitary gland. These two compounds are important for the production of natural testicular testosterone. Men who have increased levels of LH and gonadotropin in the blood during their puberty up to the mid-twenties will have increased levels of natural testosterone.

Moreover, D-aspartic acid has a significant role in the production of sperm cells as well as sex hormones. It is also an extremely potent stimulator of sexual performance, enhance the quality of erection and ejaculation in men, their libido, and also improve the duration of sexual activity as well as perceived intensity of orgasm. In addition, it also stimulates potent elevation of neurotransmitters like GABA and dopamine. Both are associated with memory enhancement and depressive & nootropic effects. Other benefits of D-aspartic acid include enhancement of nitric oxide production together with blood vessels of NO2 and NO3.

In a certain study, researchers provide a group of males ages 27 to 37 years old. They were given a daily dose of 3.12 grams of D aspartic acid for 12 consecutive days. After 12 days, the growth compound level in the subjects who used the supplement has increased to 33 %. The results of this study have huge implications for people who want to improve their athletic potential and also those who are interested in improving the shape of their body with lean tissue.

As a form of dietary supplement, we recommend the consumption of 3 g once every day. You can add a heap of MP small scoop or 3 g to the amount of water or fruit juice of your choice and then consume it at once. After twelve days of consecutive use, it is best take a week off before going over the cycle.

Important Benefits

• Can aid in the increase of muscle mass
• Supports the production of growth compounds
• Energy, strength and lean growth are improved

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