Emu oil benefits

Emu oil has a lot of health benefits. As the name suggests, this oil is drawn from the fat taken out of the emu bird. For many generations, the Australian aborigines have used it in treating different skin disorders. It is believed that the Aborigines have knowledge about the oil’s great healing powers. Today, emu oil has come to light as an extremely versatile beauty product because this is the preferred component in a lot of beauty products.

Emu Oil for the Skin

Emu oil has the capacity to deeply penetrate into several layers of dermis and can moisturize the skin. Since fatty acids are present, this oil can penetrate deeper into the layers and give the skin its nourishment. Complaints on having a dull and dehydrated skin can be resolved with the application of emu oil. The skin is moisturized because emu oil contains sapogens. Emu oil can be used for face care in case your facial beauty is affected with scarring due to acne. It has scar-reducing properties. It can aid in the restoration of facial beauty and also in the treatment of acne. Some infections of the skin can also be treated with this oil. Since emu oil is antibacterial in nature, it may be utilized for treating psoriasis, eczema and rosacea. A cracked, irritated, swollen or itchy skin can get a wonderful soothing effect from emu oil. It also has vitamins A and E in order to provide immediate relief for cuts and wounds. An open wound will not become infected due to the antiseptic properties of terpines present in emu oil.

Emu Oil for the Hair

Emu oil contains omega-3 as well as omega-6 fatty acids. Hence, it becomes an extremely useful product for the management of hair loss. Usage of emu oil has been found to stimulate the growth of hair and for regeneration of cells. You will be amazed on its remarkable effect on problems with the hair such as hair loss, thinning of hair and dandruff. Due to the presence of androgens like oleic acid and linoleic acid, the sleeping follicles are stimulated. Emu oil can also be applied directly into the scalp even though, there are lots of shampoos, conditioners and products for hair care that contain emu oil as a component. The growth of hair follicles is stimulated by rubbing or massaging the oil on the roots in a gentle manner. Studies show that the use of emu oil can also cause enlargement of the follicles and promotes frontal growth. The oil has the capability to enhance the growth phase in the life cycle of the hair. As a good emulsifier, it permeates the skin with no oil residue left. The absence of phosphorus in the emu oil makes it easy to penetrate into the scalp. Any product that has phosphorus will not be able to penetrate into the human skin. Hence, products like emu oil are more effective and can stimulate growth of the hair and also the skin.

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