Fish oil dosage

There has been no general agreement yet with regards to the recommended amount of fish fatty acids which should be consumed within a day, thus what is only available are the suggested dosages.  Given that fish oil is a natural substance and not by any means chemical, this is generally thought that it does not have any kind of serious side effect if it is only fresh and molecularly distilled for the removal of its contaminants.

Also, it is important to mention that consumption of 1000mg of fish oil supplement will not be equal to the consumption of omega 3 since most of the time; the omega 3 content is only fifty percent of the quantity of oil in the capsule. You need also to take into consideration that various brands of supplements have various amounts in percentage of DHA as well as EPA. All of these will contribute to the confusion in coming up with a general recommended dosage for fish oil.

Even if there are claims by several experts that high doses are beneficial to athletes as well as those who are suffering from severe form of depression, it is important to think that omega 3 is a natural blood thinner. This will function similar to aspirin that is why individuals who are taking other kinds of blood thinner should not take high doses in order to avoid bleeding. In point of fact it is recommended for you to seek consult with a doctor before you take omega 3 supplements if you are presently taking any medication for blood thinning.

The recommended fish oil dosage for persons who are healthy without any health problems is 2000mg in each day but there are already some people who got good results by only consuming 1000 mg. Individuals who are suffering from severe depression or Chron’s disease may consume up to 6000 mg on a daily basis.

Burping or having an after taste and diarrhea are the common side effects of fish oil. But if the oil is fresh, you will not experience burps and if you have diarrhea then it will be better to reduce the dose. There are actually many health benefits if you take the right fish oil dosage. It is for this reason that even the standard medical practitioners are already recommending the regular consumption of omega 3 fatty acids by way of eating fish or use of supplements.

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