Forskolin side effects

Most side effects of forskolin are somewhat mild in nature. These include tremors, restlessness and coughing. At times, gastrointestinal disturbances or circulatory disorders can develop when this medication is used. People with diabetes as well as pregnant or breastfeeding women must use this treatment method only under the direct supervision of a physician. The reason for this is possible complications like excessive bleeding or abnormal levels of blood sugar can develop. Any specific questions or concerns regarding the potential side effects of forskolin in a certain situation must be discussed with a physician or other medical expert.

Sometimes, forskolin is used in treating insomnia even if it may occasionally have the reverse effect and will result to restlessness instead. Every now and then, cough or sore throat will develop when the inhaled form of this herb is used. Occasionally, uncontrolled movements of the muscle termed as tremors will also take place.

One of the possible side effects of forskolin is excess stomach acid which can lead to symptoms like weight loss, nausea or heartburn. People who have been diagnosed with gastrointestinal problems like stomach ulcers must not use this herb without the close supervision of a doctor. If this supplement is used by those who have preexisting digestive issues, further damage to the stomach lining can also occur. Serious injury to the digestive system will necessitate surgical intervention in order to repair the tissues which have been damaged.

Patients suffering from diabetes are frequently advised to avoid the use of supplements which contain forskolin because there could be increase in the lipid levels present in the blood. When this herb is used, levels of blood sugar should be checked on a regular basis. Usually, women who are pregnant or breastfeeding are advised not to use this herb because bleeding issues can be possible and there are potential risks to the baby. It is probably best to avoid the use of forskolin while nursing since there is insufficient reliable medical information with regard to the supplement being excreted through the breast milk.

Cardiovascular problems are possibly some serious side effects of forskolin. Since this supplement is known to naturally reduce the blood pressure, this must not be used by people suffering from high or low blood pressure particularly if medications are taken to regulate these issues. Moreover, bleeding disorders can happen due to the use of this herb most especially in individuals who recently have traumatic injury or underwent a surgical procedure. Among the most intense potential side effects of forskolin include sudden death and heart disease. This supplement can also interfere with the efficacy of medications conventionally utilized in treating heart disease.

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