Horse Chestnut Benefits

Aside from possessing ornamental properties, horse chestnuts are used in curing many different health ailments. It has an array of medicinal capacities which have the potential to treat some conditions. Originally, the buckeye tree grows in Australia and consists of medicinal properties just like that of that of the horse chestnut. Triterpine glycoside is the ingredient which contributes to the importance of horse chestnut. It is also called aescin. It has an innate property for improving the circulation of blood. Aside from aescin, the nuts of the horse chestnut have carbohydrates. They also have some proteins, saponins, ash, glycosides, ash, fraxin, flavones and tannin. The beneficial extracts of the horse chestnut are produced using the bark and the nut of the tree.

Benefits of Horse Chestnut

• The tree of the horse chestnut is used for the treatment of conditions like tinnitus or presence of ringing sounds in the ear, stomach cramps, hemorrhoids and various forms of arthritis. Tinnitus is also a major symptom that indicates the onset of vertigo. Therefore, when the symptom is eliminated with the use of extracts, the question of vertigo as an extension of the ringing symptom will no longer emerge.

• Those who have ear infection can benefit from horse chestnut. It is able to cure ailments such as a swimmer’s ear or an excruciating pain in the ear.

• The preparations of horse chestnuts can be obtained in herb stores. These can be in the form of oral tablets, cream or gel-based concoctions. Its capability to treat varicose veins is the most essential benefit of gels and creams. The presence of varicose veins can be a very painful condition to bear. This will cause swelling of veins in the legs resulting to discomfort and pain in these areas. The swelling of varicose veins will also indicate reduction of energy levels. It may also lead to the development of blood clots on the lower extremities.

• If a person develops a condition termed edema, the horse chestnuts have the ability to alleviate the pain and fatigue. Pills or tablets taken orally are ideal for the treatment. They have to be taken with a glass of water. Therefore, giving horse chestnut in the form of tablets can help put a person at ease.

• There is a possibility that swelling of muscles, tendons and joints will reduce and will finally be controlled once the horse chestnut cream or gel is applied to the area affected. Its oral intake can be useful for inflammation.

• The seeds of horse chestnuts have vital properties which aids in stopping diarrhea.

• Also, horse chestnuts are effective in stopping the growth as well as unintentional spread of cancerous cells. But a thorough research is necessary in order to consider horse chestnut as a potent measure.

• Given that horse chestnut is known to promote healthy blood vessels, its beauty enhancement property is another benefit. You can opt to consume horse chestnut supplements in order to lighten the dark circle under your eyes. Horse chestnut in cream or gel form can be an option if you do not like to take oral tablets.

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