Is green tea good for you

The different health benefits of green tea may be due to the ingredients it contains. The most important ingredient it has is a plant substance termed as polyphenol. These plant chemicals which are also known as phytochemicals are abundant sources of anti-oxidants. Furthermore, it contains six kinds of polyphenols referred to as catechins. Epigallocatechin gallate is one of these catechins which happens to be extremely active and beneficial. Also, it has alkaloids such as caffeine which are useful to the health since they are present in extremely less quantities. Other ingredients are essential oils, nickel, theophylline, theobromine, vitamins B12, B1, A, E, K, P, C and U, saponins, strontium, tannin or flavonols, vitamin C, theanine, magnesium,wax, carotene, selenium, copper, iron, calcium, fluoride, fat and zinc. It also has a few amounts of carbohydrates and other minerals, gallic acid, soluble dietary fiber and quinic acid.

Advantages of Using Green Tea

The fact that green tea has a lot of health benefits when compared to tea or coffee is non-debatable. Let us find out what precisely are these health benefits.

• The antioxidants that it has can reduce the dangerous effects of fats and oil used. It will also reduce the levels of cholesterol and aids in maintaining normal levels of blood pressure. It can increase the levels of good cholesterol over the bad cholesterol.
• Green tea contains cancer preventive properties which fight against the development of malignant cells.
• It can significantly help in the process of weight loss because it contains different essential properties. It is also beneficial for the maintenance of optimum weight as well as for the control of excessive gain in weight. It aids in the prevention of gum diseases, tooth decay and other different dental disorders. It can also be helpful in maintaining good dental health.
• It enhances the immune system and can help in fixing an impaired immune system disorder.
• It is very good for the digestive system and can prevent all types of digestive disorders. It is particularly helpful for the relief of constipation.
• It also helps in the prevention of heart related disorders such as obstructions in the blood vessels of the heart and heart attacks.
• It removes harmful bacteria from the intestines and will increase the number of good bacteria. Hence, good digestive health is maintained.
• Moreover, it helps control levels of blood sugar in order to prevent diabetes.
• It can increase mental awareness and prevent cognitive disorders. It also aids in the removal of stress and enhance overall relaxation.
• Healthy skin and hair are promoted and even the process of aging is delayed.
• Fatigue, bad breath and insomnia are prevented and a person’s vigor and vitality are maintained.

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