L Arginine Benefits

L- arginine is a type of amino acid which has a significant role in the maintenance and improvement of health. It is essential in nature and functions as an antioxidant. If used just like any other amino acid supplement, this provides numerous health benefits. Usually, the human body has sufficient L-arginine. Basically, this is produced in the kidneys. The liver also makes it in tiny amounts. Low levels of L-arginine can be due to injuries, infections and severe burns. Production of this amino acid can also be affected by some uncommon genetic disorders. In order to avoid health complications due to L-arginine deficiency, foods and supplements containing L-arginine should be consumed.

L-arginine can help strengthen the body’s immune system. It can be helpful in obtaining increased activity of the thymus gland which is essential for the production of T-cells in the body. Together with some other factors, the T-cells will determine the strength of the immune system. The body’s immune system will be enhanced and there will be less possibility of illness when T-cells are abundant. Therefore, L-arginine is extremely important in the prevention of growth of tumors and in fighting against AIDS. Let us take a look at the list of L-arginine benefits:

• A number of researches have discovered that L-arginine is advantageous for people with cardiovascular diseases. This is basically due to the fact that L-arginine is useful in the synthesis of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide is responsible for the expansion of blood vessels and for the increase of oxygen supply to the body.

• Supplements containing L-arginine are used by bodybuilders because they have the capability to increase the synthesis of protein in the body. As previously mentioned, L-arginine is helpful in expanding the blood vessels. Thus, the bodybuilders will usually make use of it in the form of supplements so that their stamina for strenuous exercises will be increased.

• Also, L-arginine proved to be useful for the treatment of erectile dysfunctions and for the increase of sperm count among men. Furthermore, researches have discovered that L-arginine can increase the libido of men and women.

• Other benefits of L-arginine include treatment of headaches especially when combined with ibuprofen, relief of leg pains, reduction of blood pressure and useful in the recovery process from injuries and burns in the body.

In order to prevent heart diseases, for the management of stress, improvement of sleep, treatment of depression, to enhance the memory and maintenance of a healthy heart, more foods rich in arginine should be included in the diet. Some examples of food which are abundant in arginine include pumpkin seeds, soy protein isolate, walnuts, wheat germ, sesame seeds and almonds.

Due to the numerous benefits of L-arginine and its anti-aging effects, majority of the reputable brands are already producing L-arginine supplements. But take note, that higher doses of L-arginine can exacerbate ulcers, heartburn or digestive problems due to some medications since these supplements will increase the level of acid in the stomach. Wrong use of supplements can lead to increase levels of blood sugar and low blood pressure. Also, this can have an effect on the person’s levels of potassium. If nitric oxide is excessively formed, this can lead to headache, indigestion and nausea. Arginine supplements should not be used by nursing and pregnant women as well as the children. It is best to consult a doctor before you take L-arginine supplements. Certainly, these supplements should be taken only under strict professional supervision.

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