L-lysine benefits

Different benefits of L-lysine have compelled medical science to conduct more research about the supplement. For inexperienced people, L-lysine is known to be an ‘essential’ amino acid which has numerous health benefits for the body. The implication of the word ‘essential’ is that L-lysine similar to other amino acids is not produced by the body. Therefore, it needs to be supplied by way of food supplements from the outside. Amino acids such as lysine are building blocks necessary for the formation of protein in the body. A healthy diet guarantees that the right dosage of amino acids is supplied to the body. This is helpful for the maintenance of a healthy body.

Advantages of L-lysine

A lot of bodily functions can benefit from L-lysine specifically in the ease of concentration, proper assistance of tissue growth as well as production of antibodies. Various health benefits of L-lysine of the body include:

• As a protein supplement, L-lysine helps in the growth of the body. It is common knowledge that proteins are necessary for the body’s proper growth and development.
• Carnitine is a kind of substance which is essential for the conversion of fatty acids into energy. It is also useful in reducing the LDL or bad cholesterol levels in the circulatory system.
• It aids in collagen formation which is important in building of cartilage, tendons, connective tissue and bones.
• Among the benefits of L-lysine for the skin is that it helps in collagen formation. Collagen is the underlying tissue that supports the external surface of the skin. L-lysine makes the skin remain vibrant, young and healthy. It also helps reduce premature sagging of the skin and wrinkle formation.
• The presence of L-lysine increases the possibility of calcium absorption in the body. Thus, it helps in treating the symptoms of menopause or in the reduction of risk for chronic problems such as osteoporosis which takes place because of bone loss.
• According to some studies, lysine supplements have been useful for the decreasing and treating the possibilities of fertility disorders.
• L-lysine aids in the effective use of fatty acids in the body, thus, enhancing their performance.
• Another L-lysine benefit for cold sores is that it can help in preventing the outbreak of this disease. L-lysine is effective in treating cold sores as well as STD viruses which can result to herpes.
• It has been noted that when supplements of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which is a part of plant-based natural compounds are combined together, both will effectively fight against the herpes virus. Since L-lysine is recommended by medical experts for the treatment of herpes, it is best to seek medical advice before you want to use it as medication.
• During the recovery of any kind of injury related to sports and surgery, the presence of L-lysine can aid in the faster healing.
• For adults, L-lysine can help in maintaining proper nitrogen levels in the body.
• Also, L-lysine aids in the production of hormones and antibodies.
• It also helps in lowering the high levels of serum triglyceride in the body.

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