Milk thistle side effects

For almost two thousand years now, milk thistle has been used in curing liver diseases and also other diseases and disorders like gallbladder infections, inflammation of the liver, liver cirrhosis and liver damage. Besides being a remedy for liver diseases, the benefits of milk thistle include reduction of cholesterol levels in the body and also decrease in the possibility of cancer cell growth in the body. Nonetheless, the area that I will focus on is why a person has to know about the side effects of milk thistle. This is because of the fact that people are commonly not aware or appear to be indifferent to this extremely vital matter.

List of the Side Effects of Milk Thistle

Headaches: Too much consumption of milk thistle can result to light or at times, intense headache.

Joint Pain: It has been noted that in a few people, the use of milk thistle has brought about frequent pain in the joints. As a result, it may be difficult for a person to do routine activities.

Weakness: Every now and then, a person may get a feeling of general weakness due to excessive consumption of milk thistle.

Insomnia: Some consumers of milk thistle also reported to experience insomnia. This could further result to tiredness and fatigue for the entire day.

Gas Trouble: This is one of the most frequent side effects of milk thistle. This occurs when after a particular limit; the mechanism of the body will reject any amount of milk thistle that is consumed. In several cases, bloating can be observed.

Impotency: This is another side effect of milk thistle which will affect the sexual health of an individual.

Other side effects of milk thistle are loss of appetite, diarrhea, heart related problems, nausea, digestion problems and skin rashes. But these are only the mild side effects of milk thistle. A few severe side effects of milk thistle are swelling in the face, lip area, throat and tongue and also itching. Some people are also noted to have breathing problems.

Milk thistle is useful and beneficial for the cure of numerous diseases. Its properties have been highly recognized! Excessive consumption of anything can be dangerous and this is applicable to milk thistle. All the side effects which are mentioned above are because of its over consumption. This is exactly the reason why people have to know regarding the properties of milk thistle. So, now that you are aware of the side effects of milk thistle, you can prevent its over dose and use it only in necessary quantities. Nonetheless, try not to opt for milk thistle simply because it is a popular medicine or because somebody recommended it to you.

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