Turmeric side effects

As a medicinal herb, turmeric has been used since ancient times in Ayurvedic medicine. This is a form of remedy useful for a lot of infections and diseases. Turmeric grows properly in tropical weather and may be seen in India as well as other countries that belong to South Asia. Aside from its medicinal properties, turmeric is also utilized as a spice in different kinds of Indian dishes. It is even used as a component of the cuisine. Since turmeric is among the spices that treats a lot of ailments and health disorders, there will be plenty of benefits if it is included in the everyday diet. The recommended dosage of turmeric and its supplements can differ based on the requirement of the person. But the standard dose as encouraged by herbalists all over the world is 0.5 – 3 g each day for adults. For kids, the dosage can be lowered to one third of the quantity. In case of excessive use, this herb can result to a lot of health issues. Some of these may need immediate medical intervention.

Turmeric’s Side Effects

Although, there are lots of benefits from the use of turmeric, excessive consumption or haphazard use of this spice can result to plenty of health problems. Listed below are several negative effects of this medicinal herb. All of these may be managed if this medicinal herb is utilized in the necessary amount.

• A few side effects on the skin are possible in case application happens to be continuous. People with sensitive skin can suffer from irritation and hypersensitivity reactions on the skin. It will also result to the appearance of skin rashes which are itchy.
• By nature, natural turmeric is spicy. Thus, using it for a prolonged period of time can lead to an upset stomach. Side effects of the powder due to persistent use include diarrhea together with mild cramping. It will also result to indigestion and other problems related to the gastrointestinal system.
• Turmeric extract is also utilized as a medicinal remedy for the treatment of different ailments. However, some of the side effects because of high doses can lead to gallbladder and liver disease.
• In addition, several individuals will suffer from ulcers and heartburn due to the spicy nature of the herb.
• There are several turmeric supplements which can be obtained in the market. Yet, excessive use of these supplements can lead to a few unfavorable effects on the person’s health. One side effect of overuse of these supplements is delayed blood clotting because the aggregation of the platelet is inhibited. As a result, severe bleeding can occur even if the wounds are small. This is because of the absence of a coagulant that is responsible for the blood clot formation to cut off the flow of blood.
• Uterine stimulation is another negative effect seen particularly among women. Consequently, menstrual flow will increase and also result to several health problems. Thus, pregnant and lactating mothers should not use it as it can put the child in danger.
• People who are undergoing chemotherapy must not use turmeric and its supplements. It has been proven by research that chemotherapy effects will have significant reduction because turmeric is included in the diet.

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